Antler Hill Welding - Custom Fabrication - Welding - Alberta

Celebrating 15 years
in business in 2022!

Providing our customers with quality workmanship, products and service!

AHWS 1st Rig – 2007

Antler Hill Welding - Custom Fabrication - Welding - Alberta

AHWS 2022 Rigs

From Humble Beginnings…to your FULL Service Custom Welding & Fabrication Company

Antler Hill Welding Services Ltd. is an evolving and dynamic CWB welding and fabrication company that strives to provide our clients with high-quality Canadian craftsmanship and finished products. We are invested in our industry and take pride in our trade. Antler Hill Welding’s most valuable asset continues to be our team of tradespeople and staff. We strive to have a safe, healthy and supportive work environment.

Antler Hill Welding Service Ltd. has a history of completing projects in a safe and efficient manner. We have been providing Western Canada with shop and portable welding & fabrication services since April 2007.  Our 9210 ft² fabrication shop has capacity for all sizes of projects, big or small.

On August 10, 2018, AHWS obtained our Canadian Welding Bureau certification allowing us to further embark on new opportunities.

Although Antler Hill Welding Ltd. has seen substantial growth over the last 15 years, individualized customer service remains a valued asset we strive to deliver. As the fleet and shop continue to grow, our values of a family business and the strong work ethic remain.

AHWS Services

Antler Hill Welding Service Ltd. has a team of highly skilled tradesmen. They all carry a long list of safety tickets and orientations. We are ready, willing and able to acquire additional training/safety tickets for site-specific projects.

CWB Welding & Fabrication

SMAW (Stick) Welding

GMAW (Mig) Welding


GTAW (Tig) Welding

Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Steel Welding

Carbon Air-Arc Gouging

Oxygen Lance Cutting

Onsite & Shop Welding & Fabrication

AutoCAD Drawing & Drafting

Flat Deck Trailer Pickup & Delivery

Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Steel Sales

AHWS Equipment

Antler Hill Welding - Custom Fabrication - Welding - Alberta
Antler Hill Welding - Custom Fabrication - Welding - Alberta

Our welding rigs are set up to meet all field requirements. We currently have 2 welding rigs set up with large amperage (600amp & 800amp) diesel welding machines that house built-in screw compressors. This along with a large selection of hand tools provides AHWS with the ability to run air tools, air arc gouge and handle a variety of tasks in the field.

Our 800 amp Miller Air Pak welding machine is also a dual operator machine, which allows us to individually run 2 journeyman welders off of one truck.

Advantages of a dual operator machine

  • Reduced on-site equipment
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • More suitable for locations with restricted access or tight work areas
  • Provides our clients with two welders at a reduced hourly rate compared to two full welding trucks